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How do I schedule a ride?

If you want to book a flight, please call us at (304) 574-1150 or email us at: We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. Although reservations are not required, they are highly recommended in order to guarantee your flight at your desired date and time. All flight times listed are representative of actual time in the air. It is recommended that you arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your flight time to allow for paperwork, orientation, and loading into the aircraft. We request that our passengers watch the safety video on our website prior to taking a flight. All passengers will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to boarding.

How many people can ride at once?

All rides in the Stearman Biplane are for ONE PASSENGER ONLY. The airplane has only two seats, one of which is for the pilot-in-command. The airplane is a fully restored, museum-quality, WWII-era training airplane and thus is outfitted for an instructor and a student, just as they were when they began active service.

Can I do aerobatics?

Aerobatics are an option in the Stearman biplane. Although aerobatics are offered as an option for those bold enough to try, they are certainly not required for a good time. We have flown thousands passengers and are proud to say we haven’t scared a single one. Our goal is to give you the ride of your life, we let you determine what the ride of your life will be. You will be in constant communication with the pilot-in-command through our on-board communication system.

Can I get a video of my flight?

The Stearman is equipped with an on-board video system which will record the flight and will be available to purchase if you choose to do so. Unfortunately, we do not allow phones, cameras, or other recording devices into the cockpit.

What should I wear?

Frequently people ask what they should wear. Flying in the airplane can be likened to driving down the highway with the windows down. So we suggest that you wear what makes you feel comfortable in that scenario. We do not fly in rain or low ceilings. If there is inclement weather in the forecast for the day of your flight we recommend you call ahead to confirm flight options.

Is there an age limit?

We do not have an age limit. The #1 thing is that the child is comfortable. Our goal is that passengers, young and old, develop a love for aviation!

Is there a weight limit?

We have a maximum passenger weight of 300 pounds, considered with this is the individual’s height. A passenger must be able to be fully secured and still allow for full range of motion of the controls. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Should I notify you of any health or physical limitations?

Yes, please advise us in advance of any acute or chronic health problems or other physical issues.

Do you refund gift certificates?

No. There is no refund given on gift certificates.

Can I take my camera if it has a strap?

No. As previously mentioned, we do not allow passengers to carry anything in the cockpit.

Available Flights and Prices

Included in all flights:

* Aerobatics
* Recorded flight video (Purchase for $35.00)

{Package 1} 20-minute New River Gorge Flight


See the New River, Endless Wall, Beauty Mountain, New River Gorge Bridge and the Hawks Nest State Park and Dam like never before. This flight will give you an unparalleled view of these natural and man-made wonders.

{Package 2} 40-minute Summersville Lake Flight


Enjoy all the breathtaking views of the New River Gorge Flight PLUS see beautiful Summersville Lake. From the sheer rock cliffs rising from her waters to the majestic lighthouse rising from her shores, she is truly a sight to behold. Includes views of the Summersville Dam and the headwaters of the mighty Gauley River.

{Package 3} 40-minute Kanawha Falls Flight


Follow the New River on the final leg of her journey. From the once-bustling town of Thurmond, watch as she transforms from the Grand Canyon of the East to the trickle of The Dries when she disappears into the man-made Hawks Nest Tunnel under Gauley Mountain. She finally emerges to join with the tailwaters of the powerful Gauley River. The marriage of these two mighty rivers creates the splendid cascades of Kanawha Falls. A site even more wondrous from the air.

{Package 4} One Hour See-It-All Flight


If flying in an open-cockpit biplane is something you may only do once in a lifetime then this is the flight for you! See everything in the New River Gorge, Summersville Lake AND the Kanawha Falls flight. Check this off your bucket list!

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